The Garage Hosts Special Guest Jay Leno at Classic Car Event

Jay Leno at a classic car event at The Garage in Salina, Kansas

The Garage is genius when drawing a crowd and their latest classic car event was no exception. Filled with its iconic style and relics of automotive history, Jay Leno was the obvious choice as the event’s special guest. He is famously known for his fascination with automotive treasures and his impressive personal collection of rare finds proves it. 

The big event was launched with the partnership of the Salina Chamber of Commerce and Stiefel Theatre. It was a massive celebration in honor of the founding donors and their enthusiasm to support a time capsule-like museum of collector vehicles located in downtown Salina, Kansas. Jay Leno and many enthusiastic attendees filled the event space with tons of laughs and excitement.

About The Garage

The Garage offers a wide-eyed and breathtaking museum of well-preserved classic, rare, and vintage style automobiles. They hold a strong visionary mission to showcase and celebrate the uniqueness of iconic classic automobiles and their undeniable influence on American culture.

Showing off automotive treasures is a passion to say the least. Ok– more like an obsession and one that is shared by countless others. It is why The Garage loves to showcase their impressive collection of both classic and custom cars and preserve the history of all its unique models. The Garage aims to make their museum both educational and interactive through specialized exhibits and a gift shop for its visitors. 

Jay Leno Brings the Laughs 

Jay Leno always brings a good time wherever he goes, especially when it comes to classy antique cars. It’s no surprise that the event was filled with high-energy, continual excitement and fun the whole time. Jay was given the opportunity to tour the museum and see for himself the amazing automotive treasures The Garage keeps on display. 

Personally, Jay Leno owns around 300 unique antique and custom vehicles. So, what stood out to Jay Leno as his favorite car during the event? Well, among the impressive collection of rare and vintage classic vehicles, one caught his eye the most. He really enjoyed the look, feel, touch, and unique features of the 1929 Duesenberg. The Duesenberg Model was known during The Great Depression as the most luxurious and dominant vehicle of its time. 

After the tour and initial kickoff celebration ended, Jay Leno performed a comedy show for everyone; ending the event with loads of laughter. It was the perfect ending to an already epic event. He was an amazing special guest and it couldn’t have been anyone other than the classic car connoisseur himself. To say the big event was a success is a major understatement. 

JRI Hospitality is Committed to Supporting Our Community

JRI Hospitality and our many subsidiaries love to support our community by partnering with meaningful local initiatives. We have designed our culture to operate in such a way that promotes giving back to purposeful endeavors. Our company values center around supporting and highlighting the community relationships we foster. We are committed to providing ongoing community service. 

We are extremely proud of the success The Garage has experienced and its recognition for the passion and commitment they hold. It has been an honor to partner with supporting their mission and vision to educate and showcase to the community a valuable part of our American history and culture.

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