JRI Hospitality and Kansas Wesleyan University Reveal Newly Named JRI Stadium


At Kansas Wesleyan’s opening football game, JRI Hospitality and KWU announced a 10-year naming rights agreement regarding the stadium inside Graves Family Sports Complex. The newly named JRI Stadium stands next to the university campus and is home to the Coyotes.

The Celebration

On September 3, JRI Hospitality and Kansas Wesleyan University members were brought to the field to announce this update and celebrate the two entities’ commitment to improving Salina, Kansas, the home city of both. The audience watched as the CEO of JRI Hospitality, the president of KWU, and KWU cheerleaders spread across the field, displaying banners representing each branch of JRI’s company, such as Freddy’s, Mokas, The Original Grande, Salina Country Club, and Ingermanson Farms.

The celebration also involved a reveal of the new signs around the stadium that read “JRI Hospitality.” 

The Reaction

Both entities are looking forward to the benefits this partnership will bring to the organizations as well as the community.

“We are extremely excited about this announcement,” Dr. Matt Thompson, KWU president, expressed. “JRI Hospitality shares our commitment to continuous improvement, both of ourselves and the Salina region. They are a true friend to many in the area, including Kansas Wesleyan. I deeply admire Jason Ingermanson and his team. They constantly strive to set new standards for the ways to make Salina a destination community, just as KWU is quickly becoming a destination university. We look forward to a fruitful partnership that will benefit both our organizations for years to come. There are more exciting opportunities on the horizon for collaboration.” 

JRI Hospitality founder and CEO, Jason Ingermanson, also expressed his gratitude for the partnership and anticipation for the future. 

“Dr. Matt Thompson and his team embody the spirit of our organization when it comes to community,” Ingermanson said. “Salina is our home, and we do everything in our ability to find ways to give back and say thank you. We are thrilled about the exciting things to come for our community through this partnership with KWU.”

About Kansas Wesleyan University

KWU is a private Methodist four-year college in Salina, Kansas. Since 1886, KWU has prioritized the promotion and integration of academic excellence, spiritual development, personal well-being, and social responsibility. With a high employment rate after graduation as well as a smaller student-to-teacher ratio, the university prepares students not only for careers and professions but also for lifelong learning. Its athletic department is characterized by excellence, being recognized as part of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and hosting multiple teams that advanced to national tournaments.

Looking Forward

JRI Hospitality is extremely excited about what is to come with this collaboration. The newly christened facility is scheduled to host 33 games just this fall, and JRI and KWU will continue to work towards improving and serving the Salina region through this partnership. 

JRI Hospitality is Committed to Supporting Our Community

JRI Hospitality and our many subsidiaries love to support our community by partnering with meaningful local initiatives. We have designed our culture to operate in such a way that promotes giving back to purposeful endeavors. Our company values center around supporting and highlighting the community relationships we foster. We are committed to providing ongoing community service. 

We are extremely proud of this partnership with Kansas Wesleyan University and its commitment to supporting the community.

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