Quail Creek Family Farms and Rodale Institute Partnership: Bringing Regenerative Agriculture to Salina

JRI Hospitality is proud to bring regenerative organic agriculture to our hometown of Salina, Kansas. JRI’s very own Quail Creek Family Farms (QCFF) is partnering with Rodale Institute, a global nonprofit focused on research and education, and Kansas Wesleyan University to expand access to regenerative organic agriculture education programming in the Sunflower State.

With this exciting collaboration, we are working on developing a Kansas-based Rodale Institute Farmer Training (RIFT) program, establishing a Rodale Institute Regional Resource Center in Salina, and exploring potential sites for a local farm-to-institution production facility. By doing so, we hope to support the state’s workforce, economy, and environment while building a pipeline of farmers skilled in regenerative organic agricultural practices.

Rodale Institute’s CEO Jeff Moyer says the organization is “committed to expanding opportunities for the next generation of American farmers and investing in the nation’s farming communities.” He explains, “Through this joint effort, Rodale Institute, Kansas Wesleyan University, and Quail Creek Family Farms will build a pipeline of farmers skilled in regenerative organic agricultural practices and establish a hub for agriculture education and innovation in Kansas.”

Jason Ingermanson, owner of JRI Hospitality and QCFF, also expressed his excitement about the partnership. “We’re so excited to have Rodale Institute as a partner along with Kansas Wesleyan. Both are leaders in what they do and how they treat the communities they serve.” Jason shared. 

The Rodale Institute Regional Resource Center in Salina will be the Institute’s sixth regional center in the United States. It will serve farmers in select geographical areas by conducting practical research on local soil and crops, providing education programming, and assisting farmers with regionally significant challenges. 

We are excited to see how this partnership will help Kansas become a hub for regenerative organic agriculture education and innovation. It’s an exciting time for Kansas farmers, students, and anyone interested in sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices.

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