New Name Same Game – JRI Hospitality Field at The Yard

On Tuesday, April 18th, 2023 at The Chamber After Hours event, The Yard extended naming rights of its facility to JRI Hospitality. The Field, located at 138 S. 4th St. in Salina, Kansas, will now be known as the JRI Hospitality Field at The Yard. 

In exchange for the naming rights, JRI made a generous $50,000 donation that will benefit the facility and Salina’s community. Our founder and CEO, Jason Ingermanson, expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to give to the facility and city of Salina. “We are honored to contribute this donation to help maintain and improve JRI Hospitality Field at The Yard for the benefit of the entire community,” he said. “We look forward to a great partnership for the next decade and beyond.”

The donation will be used to maintain and improve the facility, including the 14,000 square feet of outdoor turf and 7,500 square feet of indoor turf. The funds will also be used to add support to the fence around the infield, create a safer environment for those watching games and attending practices, and add storage areas to prolong the life of the equipment. New equipment and training spaces will also be added. 

The facility will also add a “Batter’s Eye” behind center field using a windscreen, which will improve batters’ visibility of the ball out of the pitcher’s hand, increasing the hitter’s success rate. 

“We are grateful and humbled by the newly established partnership with JRI Hospitality and The Yard,” said Brian Guyett, the Operations Manager and Head Coach of The Yard. “With their generous donation, we can serve the community of Salina by maintaining our baseball and softball facility, help coaches get the proper skills needed to mold their young players, keep equipment up to date and running efficiently, and most importantly provide a safe place for kids to practice and opportunities to grow on and off the ball field.”

Thanks to JRI Hospitality’s donation, The Yard can continue to make the facility a safe and enjoyable venue for kids and adults alike. All of us at JRI are excited by the opportunity to make a positive impact on the Salina community and look forward to the years to come. 

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