Introducing The Farmhouse: JRI’s New Hometown Eatery

exterior shot of The Farmhouse restaurant in Abilene, Kansas

In case you missed it, JRI Hospitality purchased the historic Mr. K’s Farmhouse in Abilene, Kansas earlier this year. Since its acquisition, we’ve made some changes to the restaurant’s branding to make its presence even bigger. We’re proud to introduce The Farmhouse, your spot for home-cooked eats and authentic service. 

Who is The Farmhouse?

Before it was called The Farmhouse, it was Mr. K’s Farmhouse and before that, it was Lena’s. The restaurant is an Abilene, Kansas institution that’s brought people together over its home-cooked meals and personable service for almost a century. It promotes a strong sense of community togetherness by acting as a hub where people can relax with their family and friends, enjoy a hot plate of food, and delight in their famous pies. 

JRI Hospitality is excited to bring the restaurant to new heights. But first, we decided to make some changes. 

Why The Name Change?

We felt it was important to distinguish the restaurant from its previous iterations to signify a new beginning. However, we feel it isn’t necessary to completely rid the restaurant of its roots, instead, we focused on simplifying it. The idea of home cooking is that anyone and everyone is welcome to the table. That’s the mentality we’re bringing to The Farmhouse; no longer is there a face or name tied to it. It belongs to everyone. 

What Else is Happening at The Farmhouse?

While we don’t plan on changing the heart of the business (i.e. menu and service), we are working towards modernizing the restaurant for a prosperous future. 

We’ve already launched a new microsite to act as a virtual hometown welcome for prospective customers. Here, you will be able to browse The Farmhouse menu, learn about the restaurant’s history, and see when it’s open for business. 

Soon, we will transform the microsite into a full website designed to whet appetites and bring new interest to the famous eatery. 

Learn more about JRI Hospitality today.

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